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1) Discretionary funds sent directly to Serkadis are preferred.

These funds assist Serkadis and Selam with living and medical expenses directly. Funds can be transferred to Account #2460970244, Routing # 121000358 (for electronic) and 122000661 (for paper). Checks can be made out to "Serkadis Krohm" memoline "Selam Fund" and sent to the address below.

2) For Tax Exempt Donations:

To give a tax-exempt donation your support will be given to Serkadis and Selam through the Child Leader Project, an international non-profit committed to youth and young adult leadership in a global community. Please note, PayPal does charge a small % fee per transaction. If you would like all of your funds to support the Selam Fund, please consider sending a check or money order to "Selam Fund C/O Child Leader Project, P.O. Box 51333, Riverside, CA 92517". Please make your check out to "Child Leader Project" with "Selam Fund" in the memo line.

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What the Selam Fund needs...

- Donations to support medical and living expenses for Selam and Serkadis

- Physical therapist-

- Occupational therapist

- An Immigration lawyer to assist with Selam's case for coming to the USA

- Accessible
housing near to UCR and accessible via wheelchair

- Wheelchair and other mobility supplies

To assist, please email:

GRATITUDE: What we have received... (As of 8 Oct 2011)

- Accountant to assist with financial accountability for our non-profit sponsor, Child Leader Project

- $12,000+ in donations from the community since 1 Oct 2011!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

15 October 2011: Updates from Serkadis

The Ethiopian Medical Board has approved Selam’s case saying she needs treatment abroad! 
Next step: we have to find a rehabilitation doctor who is willing to sign off on her case, saying that Selam will get the rehabilitation she needs here in the US. 
Then, we have to prove that she will have things like food, shelter, funds for medical care.We are researching the long-term cost of the surgery and treatment, but the next step is actually finding a doctor wiling to help.
Once the doctor writes and signs saying she will get treatment here, we will scan the form and email it to Ethiopia so they can let us know what we’re supposed to do next.
Thanks to all the support from the community! Please email if you have information about a possible doctor who would be willing to support Selam.

In gratitude,

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